5DVE Major Project



The video concept is a story line about myself and my passion!

My vision for the look and feel of the video is a Clean and modern plus my own voice.



I am a qualified computer technician who migrated to Australia from Iran in 2014.

In my country of origin, I ran my own computer business, providing technical services to both home users and numerous businesses.

I am one of those unusual people who simply love working ‘behind the screen’ to help others achieve their desired outcomes. Having been involved with computer systems for approximately 13 years, I have acquired a unique and comprehensive set of skills and knowledge. These skills allow me to confidently tackle computer glitches and other IT related issues that would send most of us into a state of panic in a the briefest of moments.

On arriving in Australia, I used my comprehensive skill set as a IT Support Person (Volunteer) at The Welcome Centre. The Welcome Centre is resource and support centre for new migrants and a place that supported me in many ways, one of which was to learn the difference between the English I was taught overseas, and the language most South Australians speak.

Hossein Sinaei

TAFE SA Project for ICTDMT501 Incorporate and edit digital video